Some horses naturally have more energy than others. However, for those with a fizzy or excitable temperament, finding a feed that provides the right amount of energy without making them too sharp can be a challenge. Finding the perfect feed can be further complicated when you have a horse that puts on weight easily too.


Meet Megan and two of her horses Bear and Lara:

I started feeding Pure Feed about two and a half years ago and have never looked back. I had been really struggling with Bear’s weight and attitude at the time, and had also recently discovered that Lara was very sensitive to sugar and molasses. For these reasons I was looking for a feed that was as natural as possible with low sugar and no additives. I was chatting to my local feed merchant at the time and they told me about a new feed they had coming in which was all of the above. I started with a few bags of Pure Easy and have fed that ever since. The horses were all so much calmer and more content once I made the swap. Bear was less wild due to the significant reduction in his sugar and starch intake. I really love how it is such a natural way of feeding, they get exactly what they need – nothing more, nothing less.”

Pure Feed’s option for excitable horses that put on weight easily:

Our Pure Easy is a low calorie, high fibre feed. Our Pure Easy is a perfect choice for excitable or sharp horses as the energy it does contain is released slowly, providing stamina rather than fizz.

Megan said “All of my horses have a base feed of Pure Easy. This is because it is exactly what its say on the tin, easy. I have peace of mind that they are getting all of the nutrition they need without any nasty hidden bits. Pure Feed has certainly given me a yard full of very happy, healthy and mostly very behaved horses. People always ask me how I get so lucky with having youngsters that tend to be very level headed. I think it is massively down to the fact that their feed is as natural as it can be and doesn’t have heaps of additives. They have an amazing shine all year round and build muscle well too. Overall I have been delighted with how my horses look and feel using Pure Feed. The final bonus is that they absolutely love it.

Benefits of our Pure Easy:

Pure Easy is beneficial for many different horses. It is low in sugar and starch which makes it suitable for laminitics. The oil-based energy source delivers a low ration of calm calories which helps with the temperament of fizzy horses. It is also one of our excellent options for good doers who do not need anything extra for maintaining condition. Our Pure Easy contains our premium balancer which means it comes fully loaded with the vitamins and minerals your horse needs. We also include pre and pro biotics and amino acids.

Like our other feeds, Pure Easy provides all the nutrition your horse needs in one bag.