Pure Feed Case Studies

Category: Horse health and management

We share our expertise on a range of horse care and management issues. Our articles are particularly focused on nutrition, but this naturally links with other topics which we will cover too. We’ll also share relevant news about Pure Feed here.

Help build topline with Pure Working

Whether bringing your horse back into work, stepping up a level at competitions or just trying to get them in better shape over the winter months we can all relate to a time when we were trying to improve our horse’s topline and muscle tone.

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Tempt even the fussiest of horses with Pure Meadow Mash

Tempt fussy horses with Pure Meadow Mash; the combination of 7 different herbs increases palatability- it is sure to tempt even the fussiest of eaters. It is particularly beneficial at this time of year when horses are busy competing, travelling, and staying away from home which can all have an affect on their appetite. Find out how Kevin and Emma McNab have got on feeding Pure Meadow Mash to some of their event horses. 

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mare and foal

Feeding your broodmare Pure Stud

Providing correct nutrition is important for all stages of breeding. Find out how feeding your broodmare Pure Stud can help meet the nutritional requirements of your mare during gestation and after the foal is born.

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Feeding hay replacers to veteran horses

For many of us, when we see our beloved veteran horses start to struggle with chewing hay it can give cause for concern. Hay replacers are an ideal way to provide your horse with an easy to chew source of fibre when they can no longer chew hay.

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Pure Performance- providing power and energy

For some competition horses a more instant source of energy is required for them to be able to perform at their peak. For this we have our Pure Performance feed, providing optimum power and energy. Pure Feed customer and dressage rider Izzy Chaplin explains how Pure Performance suits her horse Vinnie.

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