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We share our expertise on a range of horse care and management issues. Our articles are particularly focused on nutrition, but this naturally links with other topics which we will cover too. We’ll also share relevant news about Pure Feed here.

close-up of chestnut horse in a paddock

Equine gastric ulcers: treatment & management

There has been great interest in other tests for equine gastric ulcers, such as the blood sucrose test (Hewetson et al, 2017). But currently the only 100% reliable way to know if your horse has EGUS is for your vet to undertake a gastroscopy; passing an endoscope into the stomach.

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Lucinda Fredericks feeds her horse a tub of soaked Pure Meadow Mash hay replacer, depicted in an article about hay replacers for veteran horses

Aiding Hydration with Soaked Horse Feeds

Horses can become dehydrated at any time during the year which can lead to serious health issues. Soaked feeds such as hay replacers are a useful tool to increase the horse’s water intake and can be particularly helpful for horses that are reluctant to drink.

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