The Pure Feed Company presents an evening with Dr David Marlin

Do horses really need supplements? And if so, how, why & when to use them

This live webinar has already taken place, if you missed out please catch up by watching the webinar video below. We’ll be looking to run more educational webinars duing 2021 so to keep up to date please like our Facebook page and sign up to our newsletter.


Understanding how and why to use supplements.

Healthy, mature horses on good quality forage that are not in work are unlikely to need much in the way of additional feed or supplements. However, as many horses do not fit into this category, they may benefit from strategic supplementation. In this webinar we will discuss what constitutes a ‘supplement’ and the why, how and when to feed supplements.

Areas covered include:

  • Factors affecting decision to use supplements
  • Life stage e.g. growth, pregnant, lactating
  • Level of work
  • Health
  • Imbalanced diets
  • Deficient diets
  • Poor pasture/forage
  • Optimising performance
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