An extra treat for your horse on Christmas Day

At Christmas time we all like to enjoy an extra treat or too, and why shouldn’t we treat our horse as well! We aren’t suggesting that you invite them round for Christmas dinner, but you can still give them something a little special on Christmas day. Below is a list of safe treats that you could offer your horse over the festive period.


1. Like us as we tuck into carrots in our Christmas dinner, your horse may enjoy a carrot or two in their feed.

2. The same applies for parsnips and swede. You could add it to their feed or get creative and hang up in their stable for them to nibble on.

3.You don’t have to stick to vegetables, if your horse has a favourite fruit such as an apple, why not spoil them with one on Christmas day. Other fruits that you could offer them are pears or bananas.

4. There are many festive flavours around at this time of year and why not share it with your horse too. Try adding some peppermint oil or dried mint to their feed.

5. Of course, you can always treat them to a bag of Pure Christmas Treats. These low sugar and starch treats are free from molasses, helping you to treat your horse the healthy way.

Remember that if your horse is competing under FEI rules, always check that any feed and treats that you use are manufactured under BETA NOPS rules. This will help to reduce the risk of feeding any naturally occurring prohibited substances. Treats are best offered in small quantities, particularly for those who put on weight easily or if it is something that you wouldn’t normally give your horse.

Read our guide on what not to feed your horse.


 Merry Christmas from everyone at Pure Feed.

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