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3 brown polypropylene and leather accented lead ropes with brass trigger clips and leather tassels, stacked on the grass. Advertising the Pure Tack Room's latest special off, 3 Pure Show Lead Ropes for the price of 2!

3 Pure Show Lead Ropes for the price of 2!

We’ve got another great Lead Rope Bundle for you this month, featuring our luxe Pure Show Rope. This gorgeous 2-metre long lead rope with leather accents and a smart trigger clip is made of strong polypropylene, and your Bundle comes packed in its own reusable bag. If you live in Mainland UK, you can even get it with free shipping!

This month Tack Room members can get 3 Show Ropes for the price of 2 for only £39 or 78 Tokens!

How to buy the Bundle

Tack Room members can buy the 3 for 2 Pure Show Lead Rope Bundle with Tokens, card payments, or both. Even if you haven’t collected the full number of Tokens, you can put what you have towards your special offer purchase for a further reduction, and pay the rest by card.

Make sure you’ve signed up and logged in, then check out the Lead Rope Bundle for more details. The Special Offer ends midnight the 31st of July.

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